Saturday, 27 August 2016

Think Retro. Think Life On Mars....

....these were the instructions I gave Tom this morning as we set off to out local charity saleroom. I have restarted my ebay selling in the last week, since my Mum came out of hospital as I have realised my income has dropped by just over a third since the end of March. I have always supplemented my photograph selling business income with selling collectables on ebay but it is constant work to find the items to sell and I just haven't had time. Now things are a little bit more settled I am back to the buying and need to build up my stock. We are very lucky to have a very big charity saleroom near us and have found some fantastic finds there over the years but it is not easy, there is so much stuff to search through!

      And this is just a fraction of it. I managed to buy a small box full as I know exactly what sells well and for a reasonable profit. It was enjoyable having a rummage about all morning though.

    I have decided the whole neighbourhood is becoming as vintage car obsessed as me, as when I am walking the dogs I keep finding lovely old vintage cars.

Citroën H Van 1966

    Have you ever seen anything as fantastic as this old  Citroën H Van with a 1966 number plate.

1967 Morris Minor

1967 Morris Minor

     Our local garage had these two classic cars at the front of their showrooms. They are not for sale so they must be just enthusiasts. One day I will persuade Tom this is the way to go!


  1. Love that van, good luck with your ebay selling x

  2. Drooling over those cars and I don't even drive.
    Hope your finds sell well-x-