Monday, 29 August 2016

Problems With Neighbours And Autumn Is Coming

    Tom and my eldest son are not back from the Notting Hill Carnival yet this evening so it has been a very long day for both of them as they left before 6 this morning. I have no idea how it all went and even though I have been scrutinising the London news I haven't spotted either of them!  It has been a very uneventful Bank Holiday today except for one bit of news that has really upset me. Last year a new person bought the house at the end of my Mum and Dad's garden and proceeded to cut every tree in their garden down, including a lovely old cedar tree that has been part of the road for over a hundred years I'm sure. We all commented how sad it was to see them all go.
    This spring a very aggressive women turned up at their door demanding the trees at the end of my Mum and Dad's garden were cut down as the branches are keeping light from their garden. My Dad is nice to everyone (I would have told her were to shove her branches!) and although he was very taken aback by her manner he agreed to cut down one, cut back a few others but said the lovely old Yew tree which is several hundred years old could not go as it so beautiful and it also has a preservation order on it, put on many years ago, by previous residents,  as it is so old. Aggressive woman was not happy with this at all and really upset my poor old Dad with her rudeness,
    As this year has gone on whether aggressive woman is upset has come no where in our list of concerns and although my Dad arranged to get the trees lopped and one cut down we had just about forgotten about it all. While my Mum was in hospital my Dad commented that the old Yew tree had a large dead branch on it. Thats a shame I replied maybe it's because we have had a lot of dry weather. Then last week when I was there the whole tree is dead, completely brown. "You don't think it's been poisoned," I said not really believing anyone would actually do it. Well today my Dad phoned me up almost too upset to talk. He had been down to the end of the garden and someone has drilled into the tree and injected engine oil into it. It has left a mark all down the tree and stain at the bottom. You can even smell the engine oil. How could anyone treat an old couple who love their garden so much like that. You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to work out who the culprit is!   We are still deciding what our next plan of action is.
   On a happier note my younger daughter and I took the dogs out for a lovely walk this evening and there was a distinct feel of autumn in the air. I just love autumn, long walks with the dogs through beautiful autumn colours and settling down in the evening by the fire. The sun was setting as we walked home and I'm going to try not to let anything spoil the evening.


  1. Contact the council over the tree , they enjoy persecuting wanton destruction . We have a very similar neighbour

  2. We too have a nasty neighbour, she insisted another neighbour cut down her trees, left nasty notes on another neighbours car and signed my name on it. She also wants us to paint our fence to match hers, I told her no, so she is currently winding up the dog by rattling a stick against said fence!

  3. If I were in your Dad's position then I think I would contact the council anyway. If there's a preservation order on the tree and the council notice it has died then your Dad might be in trouble. I'd take pictures of the damage and write out your observations (branch dying first, holes in trunk and smell of engine oil). Then I'd pass the whole thing on to the council to deal with if they want to take it further.

    On the other hand if you do want to take it further as vandalism to your property then you could always get the police involved too. I doubt they'd do much but you would have documentation if the trouble escalates.

    Good luck.

  4. What is it with these people, what on earth have they got against trees - I have a neighbour like that - she thinks it's acceptable to lean over my boundary and cut my trees even though she's been told numerous times that she can only cut to the boundary line - she is so thick, stupid and selfish - I can honestly say that I outright hate her and hate is a strong word to use against another person but it's what I feel about her so I sympathise greatly with you and your Dad - it's a hurtful and upsetting situation to be in - I hope your Dad does involve the council and that horrible woman is made to pay for her actions, people like that need to be taught a lesson xx