Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Ideas For Our Front Door Way

   I am trying to think of some new ideas to brighten up our doorway. We don't know whether to open up the front garden or go more with the little path to the front door. We want it to look in keeping with our small Edwardian house. I have been looking around for inspiration whilst out walking Bud. I took him this evening to a road that has lots of large Edwardian houses which I love. Lots of them still have their original doorways.


    I think I'm being a bit ambitious as these houses are ten times the size of ours. Infact some of their garages are bigger than our whole house! As you can see from our house when it was decorated for the Queen's Jubilee I think maybe I better go and look for inspiration in some smaller style Edwardian homes.


  1. Size isn't everything, I'm sure you'll come up with a good idea xx

  2. I love your house front with that lovely little porch at the front door. I'm sure you will find something beautiful to enhance it-x-

  3. I say keep it cosy! Arches are good too. x

  4. Those are some fine ideas. I'm sure you'll decide on what to do, but I personally like the idea of opening up the path more. Though I'm sure my wife would like the idea of expanding the garden, she sure loves ours. Either way, I love the feel of your house and I'll be sure to check out the results.

    Earl Mark @ Eastway Lock