Friday, 1 July 2016

Remembering My Great Uncle

I didn't want today to pass without remembering my Grandma's brother, my Great Uncle. He was a sergeant in the 24th Battalion of The Northumberland Fusiliers which was the 1st Tyneside Irish Battalion. He was mown down by machine gun fire a few minutes after going over the top on the 1st July 1916. What was left of his body was never found.
    My Grandmother knew her beloved older brother had been killed she said as he came and spoke to her in a dream the evening of his death. I don't know if that really happened or if it was just the stress and worry playing on her mind. I do know though he had been one of five brothers and four of them died in childhood of sickness. He was the precious remaining one who was the apple of his parents and his four sisters eyes. I also know the family never really recovered from their loss and life was never the same for them like thousands of other families at the time. I have put his rememberance card up on the mantlepiece today and have told everyone to think of him when they pass it and to remember what he gave up to sign up in the first few days of the war. I hope where ever he lies he knows we are thinking of him today.


  1. I keep an open mind,I do believe once we die that's not it and, I do believe in angels and ghosts etc.
    I don't know how families cope with loss, but I suppose it happens in all our lives at some point.
    I will think of him and all the others from the war, we have visited many war memorials on our travels all over the world, I get very emotional.

    Take care xxx

    1. I keep an open mind on these things too as none of us really know for sure what happens in life. xx

  2. How touching...I'm sure his spirit lives on in the winds that blow and the streams that flow. x