Sunday, 24 July 2016

Drunk On Nectar!

   We have worked so hard in our poor neglected garden today. The hens and the ducks we're cleaned out the hedge trimmed and roses dead headed. The only reason we stopped was because the garden waste bin was full to capacity. The hollyhocks in our garden are beautiful at the moment and alive with bees. I watched this bee for a long time and I'm sure it was practically drunk on the nectar in the flowers. I hope it takes it all back to it's hive and someone benefits from the honey. One day I would love our own hive if in our garden or on our allotment. When I was excitedly reading the rules of our allotment a few years ago I read out that if you have a bee hive you must leave an emergency number in case the bees swarm. "No" replied my youngest daughter firmly "You are not going out and leaving me to deal with a swarm of bees. I draw the line at that." Oh well maybe not on the allotment then!


  1. I love Hollyhocks but they don't do too well in our back garden. I'll try them in the front when the borders we let grow over have been re-established and see if they do any better there-x-

  2. Hollyhocks...remind me of my childhood home and my day I shall grow some successfully. x