Thursday, 28 July 2016

Loving Vintage Cars

    When I was walking to my Mum and Dad's house from the station this morning I saw this lovely old mini for sale on the forecourt of a local garage. It's not quite vintage I suppose as the number plate dates it to the 1990s but it is one of those lovely classic minis I love. My best friend in the 1970s had a little blue one we would go every where in. We drove all the way to Devon for a holiday and as there was no working radio we sang all the way to pass the time. It was 1979 and we sang "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor and "Born To Be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez (I'm ashamed to admit) at the top of our voices. I can remember on one night out in it she got boxed into a parking space and four men from a pub came out and lifted it right out of the parking space for her. I can't count the amount of fun days out we had in her little mini but she would be amazed to see the price of this one as I remember she bought hers for £50.

A Classic Mini

   We have been discussing old classic cars a lot lately as Tom and I would love one but disagree as to what we should get. The other week we drove past a middle aged couple in a perfectly restored open topped Morris Minor, on a luggage rack, on the rear, was a wicker picnic hamper. Oh how I envied them! How I wished it was us off for a day out in such style. It reminded me of some photos I had taken at the Smallholders fair of vintage cars one being this perfect Morris Minor van.

A Morris Minor

   What Tom really wants though is a Jaguar Mark 2 like Inspector Morse used to drive. I can't see us stretching to that any day soon so as a surprise I went and searched through some old boxes and found my collection of toy cars I used to play with when I was a child and there it was a perfect little Lesney model from the 1960s. He'll have to make do with this until I can afford a full sized version as a present for him!


  1. Oh Jane....I love the Morris Minor vans. My Grandad had a green one and I can still remember the smell inside of it to this day. If I could drive I would definitely have one-x-

  2. Far less trouble with upkeep the little version tell him! x