Saturday, 16 July 2016

Onwards And Upwards

    It has been an incredibly busy two weeks. My Mum is coming out of hospital shortly and there has been so much to arrange. All the equipment is being delivered and they only give a morning or afternoon appointment so there has been a lot of waiting around in between visits to the hospital. Two carers will be coming in four times a day so it will still be very busy. There are moments I can't believe it has gone from shopping, driving and being totally self caring to this in a few short months but I am determined not to let sad thoughts come into my mind. It is what it is and all of those negative thoughts are firmly put away behind that wall in my brain behind which sad thoughts go! It's onwards and upwards from now on for us.
   I haven't got round before to adding the photos from Ardingly Smallholders Fair from two weeks ago before now so here they are.

Pekin Bantams. Ours are in there somewhere.

Young turkeys. Aren't they sweet at this age.

A selection of young hens for sale.


Clever ladies spinning alpaca wool.

I would have loved playing with this as a child. I was always a tomboy!

Medieval Reenactors.

A Miniature Donkey. How I would love one of these.

I love these scarecrows.

What a lovely day out we had. Our three pekin bantans are doing really well and are outside in their own small house and run inside the big chicken run under the watchful eye of Felicity and Mollie.I will take photos soon to show how they have grown.

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  1. That looks a fabulous day out Jane.
    I would have loved to have had that farm set too-x-