Thursday, 21 July 2016

A Poor Little Fox

   It's been a bit of a sad week. My Mum's discharge day from hospital was all decided. The ambulance booked and the carers coming in. Then the evening before it was all cancelled. Her blood results had changed and were very worrying again. We just sat and stared at each other, are we ever going to get there? We will in the end I'm sure but this week it all seems very low.
   During the days of waiting for equipment to be delivered at my Mum and Dad's house I have watched the little fox in the garden they have been looking after for the last three years. It is a poor little soul. It has a bad limp and one eye but every year she has a litter of cubs. My Mum and Dad have been buying her dog food and dog biscuits to keep her going. My Dad visited the local Wildlife Hospital to ask for advice but they said that if she was eating well and getting about they would leave well alone.
   They love their little fox and my Mum asks about her all the time, we even bought her a new sponge bag with little foxes on to remind her of her friend. Since my Dad has been on his own he chats to foxy all the time. She comes and sits by his feet whilst he is sitting in the garden and she has become so tame I joke with my Mum that by the time she gets home foxy will be in a basket by the fire! I cannot tell you how much pleasure she has bought him. My Dad thinks he is caring for this poor injured fox but I think it is the other way round and somehow she knows he is sad as she sits by his feet and comes to greet him in the morning. It has given him an escape and an interest in the last four months and for that I always be very grateful to her.

The little injured fox.

Where's My Breakfast?

Enjoying Breakfast.


  1. Jane I am so sorry that your Mum's discharge has been delayed. I do hope things are sorted her soon.
    I have to confess to a few tears at your family's kindness in looking after the little fox. She is gorgeous.

    1. Thank you Sheila. I'm sure it will all sort out in the end. Things usually do. xx

  2. I hope things get sorted for your Mum, Lovely to hear to fox tales, a very moving tale, shows how wild animals can become our friends, take care x

    1. Thank you for your kind comment. We are hoping she will be home very soon. xx