Friday, 29 July 2016

Occasionally....I Wish I Was Rich

    My Mum and Dad's house is just down the road from Headly Court Hospital for wounded servicemen and women. You often see soldiers with very severe disabilities around the area and we are always so impressed by their cheerfulness and stoicism. Sometimes they stop for a chat with my Dad as he works in the front garden. Last week two wounded soldiers on bikes stopped for a talk. One had lost a leg and was wearing a rigid false leg as he cycled. Could he not get a specially adapted leg for cycling my Dad asked him. Unfortunately not replied the soldier as one costs £18,000, then off he went with his artificial leg stuck out at the side.
    I was horrified when my Dad told me and I would give anything to be able to buy him the leg he needed. I have absolutely no interest in having lots of money. I am grateful every day for what I have and it has nothing to do with money. But occasionally I think how lovely it would be to have enough money to help someone like this. I feel sad for the soldier every time I think of him. We often buy things from the Help For Heroes website and that evening I bought a little bracelet. It was only £5 and I know that is a drop in the ocean but I do hope with the good work this charity does maybe one day this soldier could buy the leg he needs to go cycling.


  1. If I won the lottery a lot of charitys would benefit, I wish I could do more.

  2. God....that is so sad when you think what our soldiers do for our country-x-