Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Those Two People In Every Country

I'm sure I'm not alone in being horrified and heartbroken by the increase in racist attacks being reported at the moment. There were three lovely young Muslim women on the news last night so upset talking about abuse they had faced. If I could have squeezed into the television and given each one of them a hug I would have done.
  My wise old Dad went to sea at 15 years old. Over the years he has travelled around the world many many times. He loves to talk about the wonderful people he has met in each country and has a tale to tell about all of them. He has a fantastic memory even though he is 85 and can recount in minute detail conversations and funny incidents from 70 years ago. When ever he talks to a nurse, doctor or domestic at the hospital he will tell them a tale  of the country they come from. One thing he always says is "I have travelled the world and in every country I have met the same two people, the person I like and the person I don't like."
  Why can't everyone realise there is good and bad in every country and to judge each person on their merits. I hope these three young women meet kinder hearted people in the future and don't start to believe everyone is the same in this country.

My Dad aged 15 in Jamaica.

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