Monday, 27 June 2016

The Wastefulness Of Some People!

My eldest son has been doing some extra agency work driving lately and has been delivering catering equipment to mainly very rich clients and to corporate events, As a family we are totally unimpressed by celebrity and the trappings of wealth. We would rather walk our dogs in the countryside or have a nice meal with family but even he was amazed by the job he recently went to where the house was over 2 miles from it's front gates! The main eye opener to him though has been the waste.
    He says that as he comes from a family where we have always had to be careful and not throw food away he feels like crying at the total extravagance and waste of some people. After corporate events tray loads of perfectly good food are regularly chucked in bins, but an event he went to last night was the worst he has ever seen. I won't mention the event or the well known company but as most average people can't afford to buy from them anyway maybe they feel not part of the real world. Big plastic crates of food where being thrown into skips. Ham, sugar, fruit, cakes, scones and much more where all chucked in. Surely a local charity could be informed so people who need it can be given it. The staff agreed it was wrong and happily told him to help himself but said it is what always happens. It really upsets me this happens and I can't even boycott the company in protest!

Some of this food has a use by date of 2017.

I think I'll take some of this into the hospital when I visit tomorrow.

We have eight packs of this ham!

I think I better make a few Victoria Sponge cakes with this.

I will give these as presents.

Perfect for afternoon tea,

And we certainly have enough tea to go with them.

We had these strawberries after our tea tonight and they were delicious. But one thing I am most pleased with is this orchid. It's called a Phalaenopsis orchid and it is still in it's wrapper with the price of £20 still on it. Apparently there were lots in the skip but the china and glass planters had shattered on all the others as they were thrown in. This one had lost it's flowers but otherwise was undamaged. It may look very plain now but I love it. I will nurture it until it flowers again and will feel as though it has been rescued and brought to a proper home were it will be loved and appreciated!


  1. Many years ago I helped at a "society" 21st birthday bash. The next morning I was back fairly early to start the clean up. The swimming pool was full of champagne bottles and there were several unopened ones. I asked the lady of the house where she would like them and her reply was " where ever you can find a bin to chuck them in. Well that bin was the boot of my car, she also told us to empty the hired fridges into bins, there were roast fillets of beef, chicken crowns and 2 whole salmon. Most of the village had a feast that week.

  2. Oh my goodenss!!!!! I am absolutely stunned at the waste. I don't know what else to say, really!

  3. Waste like that is so bad, glad your son had the common sense to bring some home, nice freebies for you x

  4. That makes my blood's disgusting.