Sunday, 12 June 2016

Reasons To Be Cheerful...

...not very many I'm afraid. My Mum has been in hospital for two months now and there have been some dire days really. Every day for two months I have left for the hospital with a feeling of dread as to what will greet me today and there have been a lot of tears shed. My poor Dad after 60 years of marriage is totally lost.
   Strangely though this abnormal way of life is becoming normal and I have got into a bit of a routine. I suppose this is what happens without you realising it to begin with. I wish I had my old life back but I know it is not coming back any time soon so I have to deal with this different one. Because of the type of person I am I'm always clutching at small reasons to be cheerful to try and get me through the day and I have found one enormous one which has really helped me in down times. Kind people.
   I have met so many new people in the last couple of months and virtually without exception it has been a total pleasure. I always believe that no matter what you see on the TV the majority of people are good. Even a lot of the bad ones have probably just lost their way and are not sure how to get back. But my experiences in the last few months have convinced me I am right. Staff, visitors and other patients I chat with them all and all I find is kind people simply trying to deal with what ever life has thrown at them. I would say 90% of the hospital staff are not British and the kindness we have met is without exception. I wish some of the people talking on TV at the moment could have the pleasure of meeting them.
  We sit there late every evening at home recounting stories and usually laugh out loud at some of the tales of the day despite the bad bits. Last night my eldest son brought round this dog door stop he had found in his lock up as he thought it would cheer me up. How could it not? As I say to my family at the end of every day Well we are all here to tell the tale and long may kind people win through!


  1. Oh Jane....I am so sorry to hear about your Mum but it does make me happy to know that you are encountering some kind people to help you through it.
    Keep strong-x-

  2. Poor you...glad you are managing to see the good in people even in your hours of need. x