Monday, 14 May 2018

A Tiny Little Time Warp

 Tom wasn't working today so we popped over to see my Dad this morning and asked him if he would come with us at the weekend to pick up our caravan. He is a caravan expert from all those years of caravaning when we were little and to be honest Tom and I are total novices. The tow bar is being fitted on Thursday and I am starting to panic as we have no idea how to do any of this, I have visions of our beautiful little caravan flying off on the motorway! So my Dad is coming to make sure it is securely hitched up and then we are driving to my eldest son's yard where it is going to be stored. Then more worries, I am terrified a bus or a coach is going to damage it while they are driving in and out and I must have asked my son a thousand times if it will be in a safe corner. I don't know how he is so patient with me!
   The man we are buying the caravan from was telling us everywhere he goes people are coming over and asking if they can look inside as it is such a 1970s time warp and he said he could only sell it to someone like us who would keep it that way. For years I have joked I would love to open a little museum to display all my retro collectables and now is my chance. We have decided we are only going to have genuine 1970s items in it so we can show any one who asks to look inside with pride. I have so many items it is a case of which to choose! Here are a couple of items I have put aside for our evenings sitting outside. 70's living here we come!


  1. Replies
    1. I hope so ... if we ever get the hang of it all! Jane xx

  2. I would love a little caravan in the garden but there is just not enough access space. I look forward to some "action" shots of your van out and about.

  3. I certainly will take some Pam we are looking forward to going to so many places. Jane xx

  4. Love reading your posts & look forward to hearing about your caravanning adventures. We used to own a tiny Eccles E10 caravan dating from 1957 & had such fun collecting period items to go in it. We belonged to the Historic Caravan Club for several years & enjoyed visiting shows & displaying the caravan & it's many contents! Visitors were always fascinated to look inside - several children asked where the toilet & television were! (Oh, the joys of the little canvas toilet tent...!!) I'm sure you will have lots of fun with your new project

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