Sunday, 14 February 2016

The Wildlife Pond On Our Allotment

We went up to our allotment this morning. The first time this year and I was worried what may greet us but was pleasantly surprised, it wasn't too bad nothing we can't get on top of with a bit of hard work and then we will be ready for the spring. I particularly wanted to get our little wildlife pond ready for any frogs looking for a place to lay their frog spawn. I have added a big rock that just about reaches the surface so frogs can climb out and cleaned out bits of debris so I hope any passing frogs may find it inviting now.

The Wildlife Pond On The Allotment

I just need to add some plants to attract wildlife on the right of the pond and add a little house for passing toads to rest and it will be ready for the spring. I have found lots of ideas on the Gardener's World website. I just wish our little pond was this big.

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