Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Building A Bird Bath From An Old Bin Lid

We went to the allotment today and I set about making a bird bath in our little wildlife part of the allotment. For a year we have had a compost bin lid lying around our plot. I kept it propped up against the shed as I thought it had probably blown off someones bin and the owner may claim it. Well I’m not keeping it there or another year so I decided I would make use of it.

The Compost Bin Lid
The Bin Lid Dug Into The Ground

A Layer Of Stones Dug Up Around The Allotment On The Bottom

Filled With Water

I was quite pleased with the end result. I just hope the owner doesn’t come to claim it now!  The little plant at the left of the bird bath is a Lavatera called Barnsley Baby which I bought at Morrisons this week. I’m sure when it is established it will attract lots of bees to the wildlife garden.

When I got home I checked the RSPB website which said the bird bath mustn’t be more than 10cm deep which I think this is so I must add some more of the flint stones that are lying around the allotment. I’ll have to go back soon now as I’m worried  a poor little bird will drown as the water is too deep!


  1. I love reading your blog. You write so well. Thank you. Yours truly- Elaine in Virginia USA

    1. Thank you Elaine very much. Things are very hard at the moment and comments like that mean a lot. Best Wishes Jane. xx