Saturday, 20 February 2016

A Love Of Collecting

My eldest son came round this afternoon and we were talking about how much "stuff" we all have. He is down sizing from a house to a flat after his move so is desperate to get rid of some of his belongings. We all decided we have too many items in a small house which was built at a time when people didn't have so much. There were lots of ideas discussed of how to remedy this problem, most of which seemed to involve more work for me but I will reveal them in a later post.

The problem is I have the collector gene. I can look back through our family and see a distinct pattern down the generations. It started in early childhood and if I'm not careful I am going to become a hoarder so it has to be addressed now. I have looked through so many items this afternoon kept from childhood looking for things to sell, but the trouble is I find myself making excuses as to why I should keep everything.

I found a box full of little bits from my childhood. Something that caught my eye was a collection of badges I had. I was a collector even in those days!

1960s 1970s Badges

One of my favourites from when I was very small was the Tingha And Tucker Club. I must have been four or five but I loved the old black and white TV programme with Auntie Jean. There was even a secret sign for members. Well I suppose it wasn't that secret as they did it at the beginning of the programme every week.

The Tingha And Tucker Club

The other badge that brought back lovely memories was my I-Spy badge, and just to prove I never throw anything out I found my whole I-Spy pack. Incredibly I am still a member, it says on my card "Life Membership"! I remember so clearly I used to set off at ten years old with the two boys who lived next door, on our bikes. We would set our bike mileometers before we left and to cover eight miles in a day was normal. We took our I-Spy packs with us and spent the days trying to build up our points by finding items in the books. The writing in them is all messy from trying to fill them in leaning on each others backs. Oh happy days. We were never bored. I feel so sorry for today's children, they may have high tech gadgets and computers but they don't have those days of freedom with your I-Spy pack in your saddle bag! 

I Spy Books 1960s

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