Monday, 1 February 2016

1950s School Days

Although I wasn't at school in the 1950s but in the 1960s I bought these photos in an album at a car boot sale recently and they did take me back to my school days. I don't think I was particularly happy in my early days at school as I was taught by nuns who were very strict and I was very shy but typically I only think about the enjoyable bits and block out anything I don't care to remember. These photos were taken in 1958 at Earlsheaton Nursery School in Dewsbury. I wonder where these lovely little children are now?

1950s Nursery School

Playing Shop. I remember it well.

No health and safety concerns in those days. I'm sure they are real hammers!

Starting a life long love of reading I think.


  1. Lovely photos:) So reminds me of my early school days which were happy ones for me. Linda x

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