Wednesday, 18 November 2015

A Nostaligic Look At Life

I have  always nostalgically looked back at a time when life seemed so simple. For a living I buy and sell old photos and collectables and surround myself in old items with a story to tell. After a year of enormous change I realised we seem to have lost the meaning of a simpler life. I am determined to return to those values and recover what really matters in life. We have a lot of work that needs doing in our house, garden and allotment and I am going to find as many frugal ways as I can to do the work needed, but more than that we have work to do in our outlook to life and hopefully remember the things that really matter. 
This was the moment in my life, as a four year old, when I decided I wanted a life in the country with a donkey and ideally that is the life I would still like, However whether I get to that moment or not I'm going to make every attempt to live a simpler life.

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  1. What a wonderful photo♥ I would also love to have a donkey one day as well as some chickens and ducks. Gorgeous blog:) Linda