Wednesday, 25 November 2015

A 1950's Wedding

I have a small business buying and selling old photographs and many of these photographs I copy and sell reproductions and enlargements. I have happily run this business for 15 years and although never make a fortune I just love it. Nothing can beat the fun of being your own boss and on the plus side I don't have to put up with any of the workplace politics which used to get me down so much.
I search everywhere for old photographs and love to find old family albums at car boot sales. My favourite photos to buy are wedding photos and photos of the interiors of old houses. They are definitely not the best sellers though and I don't really sell that many of these types of photos but I can't resist buying them all the same!
One thing I have noticed in the last couple of years is the amount of 1950's wedding albums cast aside in old boxes at car boot sales. It almost breaks my heart to see them lying in a box in the middle of a muddy field. The people in the albums must have died recently and there is no family to treasure these items for the future. I keep these albums carefully in the hope that one day I can reunite them with someone who cares. Aren't this family just lovely?

This is the wedding of Gladys Irene Brenchley to Geoffrey Brazill at Norbiton in Surrey on the 23rd October 1954. What a lovely couple. I really hope they had a long happy life together. There must be family out there somewhere.


  1. oh that makes me so sad. But then I'm someone who feels sad when I see a lone glove on the path, dropped by its owner and laying on the ground getting soaked and muddy. these things tug at my heartstrings.

    I hope the photos can be reunited with family eventually.

    lovely blog. Came via Sue at Frugal in Suffolk :O)

    1. Oh Sadie, I know just what you mean. I thought we were probably the softest hearted family in the world but of course there are others out there. Much nice than being cold hearted! Jane xx