Sunday, 22 November 2015

Bantam Ducks

Another cold day today but at least the sun came out for a few hours and that cold northerly wind has dropped. Our house faces north and we are raised up above the road on a high bank. Although it means we have a nice view looking over the houses into the distance, when the wind blows from the north it is absolutely freezing as we have nothing to break it.
There were lots of jobs to do around the garden today looking after our chickens and ducks and I took this photo of Scoot and Carue our bantam ducks as I was out there. Scoot is a Minitature Silver Appleyard duck we hatched from an egg and is adorable.  Carue is a call duck we rescued from a farm at two weeks old. The farmer had hatched too many male ducklings and was going to wring his neck. We drove a 120 mile round trip to pick him us as a friend for Scoot and I'm afraid to say he is decidedly ungrateful. Even though he looks very cute he can be a proper little demon and spends most of the time when I am in there hanging off my trousers and pecking at any bit of me he can make contact with. It's not too bad in the winter when I am wrapped up but in the summer, when he can make contact with bare skin,  it is slightly less amusing.
There is something about his little round face and waddly walk though that I just love and even though I regularly threaten him with the same fate the farmer had in store for him I can't help but like him.!

Scoot And Carue The Miniature Silver Appleyard And Call Duck.

 Scoot And Carue The Bantam Ducks

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