Saturday, 30 January 2016

Not The Best Start To The Year But A Lucky Find

      I have to be honest 2016 has not got off to the best of starts despite all my high hopes. Serious family illness has left me feeling stressed and exhausted and running back and forward to the hospital means all my organisation with not spending money has gone out of the window as despite stocking the freezer, I keep coming home to finding them munching through take away pizzas! I'm determined to try and stay as positive as possible though and keep on top of things.
      I'm not a superstitious person at all but I did find something the other day that I think I will keep as a good luck charm. I was putting the ducks away just before it got dark and was hosing down their run. As I watched the water running down the flower bed I noticed something washing along in it. I was too intrigued to ignore it so rescued it from the mud. I saw straight away it was a dirty old coin, at first hoping it was Roman or something, I realised it was an old sixpence from 1961, the year after I was born.

     As well as not being superstitious I also have a pragmatic view of ghosts, I nether believe or disbelieve but am sure if they do exist they would not hurt us, The day we moved into this house 11 years ago one of our neighbours came round and took great glee in telling us, whilst we were carrying in boxes, the previous owner who was an old man, had died in the house and they had to break in as they hadn't seen him for several days and found him dead. I'm not sure if he was trying to scare us but he was out of luck as we are all made of much sterner stuff than that!  I looked up the local records after we moved in and found the same family had lived in the house since before the second world war and Horace was one of the sons who didn't marry and stayed at home with his parents eventually living in the house on his own.
    We all feel so sad for him going from a full family home to dying all alone and I often think of him. Strangely sometimes I can smell cigarette smoke even though none of us smoke and when the house is quiet we all have heard what sounds like someone walking down the stairs even though there is no one there. Even our border collie stands up when we hear it looking towards the stairs and wags his tail. Border collies are incredibly tuned in dogs and I always say if he likes the ghost that is good enough for me!
    I wonder if the sixpence belonged to Horace, dropping out of his pocket when he was out gardening. It has lay there for so many years until I found it. I'm going to polish it up and think of it as a good luck charm. There is such a nice feel to this house despite what happened, if Horace is watching us I'm am certain he was the kind of man who is hoping things go well for us and a dog lover as well!

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