Thursday, 5 January 2017

Always A Dog

I thought quite a lot after yesterday's post how much a family of animal lovers we are. Our youngest son said a while ago that he couldn't imagine life without all the animals we have had but he is sure it wouldn't have been nearly as happy without them. We always talk about our animals both now and from years ago. My Mum and Dad grew up with animals and talk about them still. Every dog, cat and pet rabbit is remembered with pleasure. When I was a child we took our dogs on holiday all the time and all I can remember is walking on the beach or up mountains with a dog. I was so happy.

1960s Holidays With Our Dog

    I wanted my children brought up in exactly the same way and they have been, with long walks with dogs and holidays with dogs on the beach. When we are all together we reminisce about them exactly the same as my Mum and Dad do. 

A few years later and another much loved dog.

   My eldest daughter was telling me she wants her baby to be brought up the same way. She said she will start as soon as the baby is born, going to the park with our dogs and long walks. No ipad for our young child she said firmly. I am sure what ever stage of your life you are at, dogs will bring you pleasure if you are a dog lover. My heart breaks when I see lonely old people on TV saying they can go for days without talking to anyone. Get a little dog, I think, all those people to talk to in the park and a reason to get up and go out every day. If you don't have that love of dogs you just don't but I am so glad I have.


  1. I so love dogs Jane. I am the mad woman who talks to them outside shops....just can't resist them.
    My Smudge is getting an old fella now. He's had lots of ill health and costs us a fortune in pet insurance but I don't care a jot he is worth every single penny-x-

  2. I have never been without the company of animals, even at boarding school the house cat, Angus, slept on the bottom of my bed. Now my little dog, Ben, keeps me busy and although I have said that he will be my last.....we will see.

  3. I also share your love of dogs, as do all my family. My sons were brought up with them and learnt so much about caring and sharing.
    Our love of dogs led us to open a boarding kennels in 2000 and we cared for our 'guests' the same as we cared for our own dogs. We retired 10 years ago but we are still greeted in the street by grateful dog owners who were happy to leave their precious pets in our care while they went on holiday.
    We now own a beautiful Shitzu/Maltese cross called Millie and her favorite day of the week is Tuesday, the day she and I visit the local nursing home. The pleasure she brings to the folk there is immense and so many of them chat happily about dogs they have owned and lots have their photos on the wall, proudly displayed.
    Thank you for a heartfelt post.

  4. Lovely post Jane, I especially enjoy seeing your treasured photos:) Hope all is well at your end, I hope it a case of being too busy to post. Spring isn't too far away hopefully:) Linda xx