Sunday, 13 June 2021

A Family Day

 We had a wonderful day at the caravan yesterday. Eldest and youngest daughters and Scarlett came for the whole day. We had really been looking forward to it and apparently Scarlett had barely slept the night before she was so excited. We were so lucky again with the weather and when we arrived we spent the morning showing Scarlett the horses, chickens, dogs and cat at the caravan site. The owners have four dogs including a spaniel puppy, an elderly cat, a Shire horse and ten chickens and a cockerel. The chickens free range all over the caravan site and even come and look in the caravan door so for an animal loving little girl like Scarlett it was just the best day. We sat and ate our lunch outside the caravan watching them and Scarlett chose names for them all, including the cockerel who she called The King! 

After lunch we went for a walk with Cassie, we walked through the woods and down lanes to a field of horses where we stood and stroked them for a long time. It was so quiet it felt as if we were in a different world to home. Along the lane there was a field of llama's, Scarlett was disappointed they wouldn't come over like the horses had as she was longing to stroke them too. I have no idea if llamas become tame enough to be stroked, but these ones just ignored us. 

It was lovely to be together and so relaxed. Eldest daughter particularly has a really stressful job and it was wonderful to see her chatting and laughing and catching up with her sister. I'm sure Scarlett will always look back on this day happily. I tidied up the caravan before we left and I thought how quickly you can get a small space back to normal. We left it all ready for Tom and I to go back to today.

Scarlett chatted the whole way home, we thought she would fall asleep but she wanted to talk about the entire day! When we had dropped them off and we arrived home youngest daughter and I walked down to the Co-op to buy a few bits and we had to go back as youngest daughter had forgotten her mask. She normally wears her mask round her neck all the time when she goes out, to pull up when she needs it, "I completely forgot about it" she said. I did think it really summed up how we had felt all day. 

  I hope everyone who is lucky enough to be enjoying this lovely weather manages to stay cool if you are out and about or having to work in it. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. Back soon. xx


  1. Your day with family at your van brought back wonderful memories of days spent in corner of fields in our caravan or trailer tent, with both daughters running around free. Perfect way to relax.

  2. Once again it all looks lovely Jane..
    Lots going on and lots to see and enjoy..
    And lots of animals for Scarlett to enjoy far as the Llamas are concerned..
    They are very social animals and live with
    others as a herd...Llamas can learn simple
    tasks after a few repetitions...
    I have a lady friend who has an Alpaca farm,
    just a couple miles out of town, and they
    behave much the same..
    And don't forget..Llamas do spit on each
    other from time to time..It's their way of
    expressing irritation or displeasure with
    other llamas..Llamas that spit on humans
    were probably raised by humans and haven't
    spent much time around other llamas...
    When this happens, they treat humans just
    like they would other llamas....!

    The long range forecast is much the same,
    getting hotter..and l'm having curry for
    lunch to~day..."On a Sunday Willie"...
    HeHe! "Yes! On a Sunday"..! :O).
    πŸ”₯ 🌲 😊 🌲 πŸ”₯ 🌲 πŸ”₯ 🌲 😊 🌲 πŸ”₯ 🌲 πŸ”₯

  3. That sounds such a wonderful place to stay and you had such gorgeous weather. That made me smile, llamas with attitude :) Enjoy your day back at the caravan today.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend a day. It looks so peaceful and happy.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful day. Family days are the best! I bet Scarlett slept good that night!

  6. That was definitely a wonderful day for all concerned. I had to smile at the idea of Scarlett giving names to all the chickens. You sure were lucky with the weather. We had light rain all day in fact now, 7 PM, it's still raining and that will continue tomorrow. We needed it but I'm worried my flowers will get soaked and bent to the ground.
    I hope tomorrow is sunny for you too.

  7. What a lovely day. We have llamas and alpacas in our town park pets corner just across the road. The alpacas are very friendly and come up to be stroked but the llamas are more aloof. My little gd loves them all.


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